Monday, July 8, 2013

Mango Complete

Did you know your library card is a passport to learning a foreign language?  Well, it is, because your library card gets you access to Mango Complete, the Library’s database for learning foreign languages and English for non-native speakers.  And for those of you who already knew about Mango, here’s something you may not have heard—Mango has been busy adding more languages this summer, including Armenian, Punjabi, and Hungarian, just to name a few.  This means you can now choose from over 60 foreign languages to study. 

But how does Mango work?  Simply go to the Library’s Databases A-Z webpage and select Mango from the alphabetical list.  If you’re at home, you will be asked for your library card number and PIN.  Type in with no spaces your entire library card number, which begins 2133300.  Your PIN number should be the last 4 digits of your phone number unless you’ve changed it to something different.  But if you’re having trouble, ask anyone at the Library to reset your PIN for you. 

And while we love seeing you at the Library, there's actually a big benefit to using Mango at home as opposed to coming to the Library.  What benefit?  One of Mango’s best features is that it will record your voice and compare it to their teacher to see if you are pronouncing words correctly.  Library computers, however, don’t have microphones to allow recording.  Can you imagine what the Library would sound like with 20 people saying “Hello,” in 20 different languages?  Most computers have a built in microphone, so be sure to check your computer before you go out and buy one.

When you first get to Mango, it’s probably a good idea to Create a Profile so that the database can track your progress and remember which lessons you have studied.  All that’s need for a Profile is an active email and the password of your choice.  

Now click on Courses to select from one of over 60 languages or one of more than a dozen English courses designed for specific native speakers.

Before starting the lesson, Mango will check to see if Java and Flash are up to date on your computer.  These are plug ins that allow the lessons to display, and your computer likely already has both.  If not and you’re having trouble, check the Support section.  Assuming everything’s a go, you can now start learning.

But if you’re still confused or need some help, contact the Library or sign up for the upcoming Mango class at the Perry Sippo Branch Library on Thursday, July 25 at 6:30 pm.  (Seating is limited for this class, so please sign up ASAP if you want to come!)


PS  If you want to use Mango on your tablet or smartphone, download the Mango app free!