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Hi Everyone,
One of my favorite things to do is brainstorming ideas.  I find myself drawing a process needed for an instructional handout, a home project, even a vacation.  These days I don't use scrap paper or napkins.  I have the Simple Mind+ app on my iPad and iPod.  This free app allows you to develop an idea, solve problems, or present information in a structured, logical manner.  Simple Mind+ is a free app available in your Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Here are some basic instructions on how to get started using Simple Mind+.

Once you have downloaded the free Simple Mind+ app, you may begin creating a mind map. 

Navigating the page:

1.  Mind Maps lists maps you have created.
2.  New Maps allows you to launch a new map.
3.  Navigation provides Back, Undo, and Redo options.
4.  Delete removes the map.
5.  Add allows you to add a new balloon to the map.
6.  Add a Sibling adds a new sibling balloon to the map.
7.  Send allows you to deliver the mind map to a social networking site, copy, print, assign to a contact or email.
8.  Color allows you to change the color them of your map.
9.  Help provides information on how to use Simple Mind or upgrade.

Getting Started:
To get started open the Simple Mind+ app (for new maps tap the Mind Maps button).
The first balloon is the Central Theme and will become the Simple Mind map title.  When you see the flashing cursor you may begin typing.

You may now add additional sections to your Mind Map by tapping the Add or Add a Sibling buttons.
Notice there are additional buttons next to a Mind Map balloon.  You may add sub-sections to a balloon.
If you decide to use a section for a new or separate Mind Map, highlight the section by tapping on it and then tap the New Maps button on the Navigation bar.
A new Mind Map will appear with the section information.

Now try building your own Mind Map using Simple Mind+.

Hi Everyone,
With the school starting for most students, we've left the thought of purchasing school clothes, books, and other supplies behind. Now it's time to get down to the school work. My family lives in the world of technology. Syllabuses, homework assignments, or other assignments in paper format are fast becoming a thing of the past. What hasn't become a thing of the past is remembering assignment topics, support research, and the all important due date. This month's featured app must have been invented for us.

The myHomework app can be found in the Android or Apple app stores. A single-user, mobile device is free. If you would like to track assignments using myHomework's via a web browser, the cost is $1.99 per year and an account would need to be created.

Once you have downloaded the myHomework free app from your app store, you may begin entering your classes and homework assignments.

1. Tap on the Classes plus sign to add class information such as Class name, Building, Room, Professor, and the day and time of the class. Then tap the Save button to save the information.
To add additional classes to the list just follow the above instructions.

2. Tap on the Homework plus sign to add Homework assignment, papers, or test information such as Homework Descriptions, Class, Type, Due Date, Due Time, Priority, and Additional Info such as books titles, authors, or research information. Then tap the save button to save the information.
To add additional homework assignments, papers, or test information to the list just follow the above instructions.

Now you or your student can begin keeping track of classes and their assignments, papers, and tests.

NOTE: If you would like to go beyond the basics the paid subscription will also provide the following:
1. Track your classes, homework, tests & more
2. Sync between the website and your iOS or Android devices
3. Receive due dates and reminders

Slide Shark

Hi Everyone,
This week's iPad challenge was to find an App for presenting a PowerPoint slide show. While I tested many, the one that stood out due to easy of use, cost, and storage was Slide Shark by Brainshark, Inc. Some of the key features include: works with PowerPoint files; preserves animations, fonts, graphics and colors; Tap or Swipe technology; no internet connection required when presenting, presentations are downloaded to the device; share presentation via email or social media.
1. Locate and download Slide Shark from the Apple App store
2. The first time you open Slide Shark you will need to create an account
3. Upload your presentation from your computer using your free online account at www.slideshark.com
4. Or email the PowerPoint presentation to your iPad or iPhone
5. If you do not see your presentation in the preview pane, tap the Syncronize button at the top of the screen
NOTE: For an iPad or iPhone you will need a special adaptor for projector viewing

NOTE: Before starting, I recommend taking the short tutorial by Slide Shark. It will really show you Slide Shark's special features.

Tim O's Studios Level

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would pass on this little tip about turning your mobile device into a working level (a device used for determining or adjusting something to a horizontal surface). I know I have had this happen to me many times. There I am holding a picture up to a wall trying to adjust it. I know I need a level but it is all the way downstairs. What I do have is my iPod or cell phone in a pocket or in the kitchen. Why couldn't it be a level? Well, it can.

Tim O's Studios Level App
Tim O's Studios Level
There are many free apps for your mobile device including apps that will turn your mobile device into a working level. Go to the app store for your device, in the search box type "Level." You may read about the app before downloading by tapping on the icon instead of the Install button. When you find the one you would like to use, tap on the Install button. To use the app, tap on the icon that is now on your device. When the level appears on your screen, use it as you would any other level. Just be careful, it is still an electronic device.

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  1. Some very cool stuff here. I need to learn how to make some apps!