Monday, December 29, 2008

Microsoft Tip of the Week Excel: Using Text Orientation and Wrap Text

Using Word Wrap and Text Orientation on the Alignment Section:
When you need your text to wrap within a fixed width of a cell use the Wrap Text option on the Alignment Section
Click on the Cell(s), and then click on Wrap Text
Give it a try:
Type “Joe Doe is a Waiter.” in cell A1.
Click out of the cell and then click on the cell again.

Click on Wrap Text

Using the Text Orientation for text orientation within a cell:

Click on the cell(s) that you would like to change the orientation. Click on the Text Orientation button on the Alignment Section of the Home Ribbon.
Select the option you need from the menu.

Microsoft Tip of the Week: Make a Cover Page for your documents:

Click on the Insert Ribbon, and then click on the Cover Page button. You will get Cover Page options to select. Click on the cover page you would like to appear, and then fill in the necessary information.