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Creating a PowerPoint B&W to Color Animation

There are times when you would like to add a little wow to your PowerPoint but worried about setting up animation.  Or maybe overwhelming your audience with just a little too much.  Try using a the Custom Animation option for Black and White to Color Animation.

Here are the instructions for you to create a Black and White to Color Animation.  You must first begin with a color photo in digital format and Microsoft Office PowerPoint software.

1. Open a Blank PowerPoint Slide
2. Insert a color photo using the Picture option on the Insert Ribbon
3. On the Picture Toolbar, select Recolor from the Adjust group and then select Grayscale
4. Insert a second picture (PowerPoint will place it over the original)
5. On the Animations Ribbon, select Fade from the Animations group

6. For Microsoft Office 2007, open the Custom Animation Task pane by clicking on Custom Animation found on the Animations Ribbon in the Animations group
7. Change the Start option to "With Previous"
8. Change the Speed option to "5 Seconds"

9. Or use the drop down arrow next to the image effects options and select Timing for additional options

Now click the Play button at the bottom of the Custom Animation Task pane to preview your B&W to Color Animation.

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