Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tablets (computers)

I have been getting a lot of questions pertaining to tablets which seems to this years technology find. Some want to believe that the next logical leap from a desktop or laptop would be the tablet. But as with all technology investments, I tell them that they should do their homework first.

If you don't know the jargon, then you should take the time to get the basic terminology. This will help you to make a knowledgeable decision.

List the things you want from your tablet: download books, movies, music, read email, etc...

Don't buy any device straight out of box. Visit stores that have tablets on display.

Preview the quality of the screen in both indoor and outdoor lighting. Take a moment and learn the details of the machine: Display or screen size and weight; 3g, 4g, or WiFi options; note the operating system and its options.

And don't forget the price tag. When evaluating the cost of any technology device, I estimate the cost of the device, additional contracts, and the accessories. Then I device by the number of years I expect the device to be used for upgrades or replacement. $800/3years=$267.

After completing all of the above steps, I then ask myself "is it worth it?"


  1. As has already been stated, the next leap from laptops and desktops would be the logical choice of a tablet PC.
    Remember to take all the factors into account, such as the quality of the screen, and the operating system.

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