Monday, May 21, 2012

Slide Shark Presentation App

Hi Everyone,
This week's iPad challenge was to find an App for presenting a PowerPoint slide show.  While I tested many, the one that stood out due to easy of use, cost, and storage was Slide Shark by Brainshark, Inc.  Some of the key features include: works with PowerPoint files; preserves animations, fonts, graphics and colors; Tap or Swipe technology; no internet connection required when presenting, presentations are downloaded to the device; share presentation via email or social media.

1.  Locate and download Slide Shark from the Apple App store
2.  The first time you open Slide Shark you will need to create an account
3.  Upload your presentation from your computer using your free online account at
4.  Or email the PowerPoint presentation to your iPad or iPhone
5.  If you do not see your presentation in the preview pane, tap the Syncronize button at the top of the screen
NOTE: For an iPad or iPhone you will need a special adaptor for projector viewing

NOTE: Before starting, I recommend taking the short tutorial by Slide Shark.  It will really show you Slide Shark's special features.

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