Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turning your iPod Touch into a Level

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would pass on this little tip about turning your mobile device into a working level (a device used for determining or adjusting something to a horizontal surface).  I know I have had this happen to me many times.  There I am holding a picture up to a wall trying to adjust it.  I know I need a level but it is all the way downstairs.  What I do have is my iPod or cell phone in a pocket or in the kitchen.  Why couldn't it be a level?  Well, it can.

Tim O's Studios Level App
Tim O's Studios Level
There are many free apps for your mobile device including apps that will turn your mobile device into a working level.  Go to the app store for your device, in the search box type "Level."  You may read about the app before downloading by tapping on the icon instead of the Install button.  When you find the one you would like to use, tap on the Install button.  To use the app, tap on the icon that is now on your device.  When the level appears on your screen, use it as you would any other level.  Just be careful, it is still an electronic device.

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