Friday, December 20, 2013

Android Devices and Library Digital Content

Are you looking to purchase or upgrade to a new Android tablet, Smartphone or other device?  Do you want to have access to all of The Stark County District Library's Digital content? If so, here are a few good things to know: 

Zinio requires a 4.0 and above Operating System
In order to access and view the SCDL's digital magazine collection using the Zinio app,  you will need to have a device that has a 4.0 and above Operating System. 

Hoopla requires a 4.0 and above Operating System
In order to access and view digital audiobooks, music, and movies using the Hoopla app, you will need to have a device that has a 4.0 and above Operating System.

Ohio Digital Library requires a 2.0 and above Operating System
The library’s digital collection of books, audiobooks, music, and movies available through The Ohio Digital Library are accessible on devices with 2.0 and above Operating  Systems. 
If you’re shopping for a phone and not quite sure what an Operating System is or the Operating System version of a device, there are a couple ways to find out. 

1.       If you’re browsing the web, click on the phone link and scroll through the description.  It will typically list the Operating System (OS).

2.       If you’re in a store, ask the sales associate.  Also check the packaging and see if you can find it listed in the description. 

3.       As much as we would love to know about favoriate mobile devices, there are many devices out there.  So take a few minutes and double check packaging and descriptions to make sure you’re getting what you need and want.


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