Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sony- E-reader 300

I have been working with the Sony E-reader 300. I'm not here to sell a specific product so I've tried the Nook (Barns & Noble), Kindle (Amazon), and additional Sony models. All models operate with the same premise. Some have more bells and whistles than others and are supported by the different companies.

The 300 is Sony's base model in the e-reader series. It is a handheld unit that allows you to read electronic formatted information such as e-books from a 5 inch digital screen. This particular model requires a computer that has Internet access for downloading e-books in the PDF or EPUB format.

At first, the entire process seemed a bit daunting. I had to register the reader, set up my computer which included downloading additional applications, and then had to learn how to use the online store and how to use our local library's e-book site. Just for a book!

Why go to all extra steps to load a book onto a piece of equipment? Why not just pick up the book? I had even more questions. Can I borrow a library book for a reader? What happens when I'm done with them? I had many questions. These are just a few questions I had.

Determined to make this a good experience, I dove into the process. I completed the registration of the reader and the downloading of all additional software (Adobe Digital Edition) that was required. From there I visited the Ohio E-book Project web site and downloaded my first book and then my second. Not that difficult!
From there I traveled around the county with my reader knowing I had the equivalent to two books. Was I impressed when I could sit and read my books without issue, yes.
What I think would make the process easier would be simple step by step instructions from start to finish. So that is what I'm working on as we blog.

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