Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Nook

As in last post, I explained that I was researching e-readers. I had worked on the Sony models and now am working on the Nook.
This particular model has 3g or Internet access anywhere there is an ATT connection. It is a product of Barns & Nobles and has access for easy download of e-books from the Barns & Noble online store. This model is also, as is the Sony, compatible with the Ohio E-book Project a source for free e-books. Where the Sony has buttons, the Nook has a touch pad for accessing the downloaded materials and additional information or materials such as periodicals or audio books.
The Nook can hold more than 1000 books and has additional storage through a memory card. The screen is easy to ready and does not reflect sunlight like a typical computer screen. I consider accessing the Barns & Noble Online Bookstore and downloading from other site to be easy. I just need to remember to keep the e-reader charged. The Nook can be charged using a computer and USB cable or plug into a electrical plug (cords provided) There are many more features that may interest people in the market for an e-reader. I would recommend additional research in local Internet options, computer requirements and providers of free e-books or the local library's participation in e-resources such as e-books.


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