Monday, November 8, 2010

MP3 Adapter

Recently, I wanted to listen to the music on my MP3 player while I was doing things around the house. I didn't really want to carry it around or use ear buds. I have a basic model surround sound system in my house but didn't know how to connect the two. With a little research, I found an MP3 Adapter that allows me to connect a typical MP3 player to a surround sound system. The one I found is produced by General Electric. It is easy to hookup and comes with a 7 foot cord.

My children discovered the extra wire and now listen to their devices as well. (I'm not so sure if my neighbors like it as much.) Nonetheless, now my surround system can play any gaming device, DVD player, CD player, portable listening devices, TVs, oh and of course, the radio.


  1. Great post, MP3 player can easily connect with adapter. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us

  2. This is a great post, as i also have had the same problem. AS has already been stated MP3 players can easily be connected with the use of an adapter.

  3. It sounds interesting and useful one.MP3 adopter
    connects easily with typical surround system which generally hooks with 7 foot card.thanks for sharing such a useful information.