Tuesday, April 17, 2012

iPad: Changing your email signature

Have you changed your signature on the email account that you use on your iPad?  Or are you sending items with a signature "sent from your iPad"? 
It is easy to change the signature to something a bit more personal or professional. 
1.  From the Home Screen, locate Settings
2.  Open the iPad settings by gently double tapping on Settings
3.  Tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar option from the Settings options list
4.  Tap on the Signatures options found at the bottom of the Mail, Contacts, Calendar options

5.  A keyboard will appear, type the signature that you would like others to see when you send an email.
Now you may press the Home button to go back to your iPad's Home Screen.


  1. I was trying to change my signature so that it will look more professional and attractive but was facing lot of difficulties in doing so. Thank you so much for posting all the steps. I will try them now to create a signature.