Thursday, April 5, 2012

Using LinkedIn and Twitter in Your Job Search

It is often said that when it comes to finding a job, it's not what you know, but who you know.  With the explosion of social networking in the past few years, the pool of people who know you, and what they know about you, is expanding everyday.  If you are not already out there on the Internet networking for a job, you should be.  Not only does it help you find jobs, but getting your name out on networking sites and blogs will help you meet people and is an opportunity to show off what you know.  Here are a two helpful networking websites and tips for using them:


     LinkedIn is a social networking site that allows you to connect with people you know on a professional level.  In the past year LinkedIn's company recruiting feature has seen a huge expansion in usage.  LinkedIn's recruiting revenues are now greater than Taleo and could reach the size of within a year (  You can upload job skills, work experience, education and a resume. From the information that you upload, the more than 9,000 corporations on LinkedIn can recruit you.  Some tips:
  • The more compete your profile, the more likely it is that an employer will find you.  This means you should include education, experience, skills, current job title, career goal, a profile picture, and get a few recommendations if possible. 
  • LinkedIn is NOT Facebook.  Everything you put on LinkedIn should be as professional as possible.  This means no check your spelling and don't use slang,
  • Make sure you add an e-mail address and a blog or Twitter is you have one and they are work-friendly.  This will give a chance to show what you know.
If you don't want to wait around to be recruited, LinkedIn also makes it possible for you to search for jobs.


     Twitter is a great forum to search for jobs, network with people in your field and stay informed.  Some tips for using Twitter as an engine for job searching:
  • Make sure your profile and usernames are professional.  This should really go without saying
  • Don't misrepresent yourself. 
  • Use hashtags (#) so people that are interested in your field can find you.
  • Follow online job boards for constant updates on new positions and general job searching tips. Try:
    • Indeed (@indeed)
    • Simply Hired (@simplyhired)
  • Upload a tasteful profile picture so your profile looks professional and complete.  Customize your profile design to show that have savvy with navigating websites.

Good luck!

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