Monday, April 29, 2013

Registering for an SCDL Class or Program using the Program Search Option

Want to register for an SCDL class or program? Use the following instructions to register. A library card is required for classes or programs that require registration. Need an SCDL card? Contact any SCDL location for assistance.

Locate the Stark County District Library website. (

1.  Locate the Calendar option on the navigation bar.

2.  Click or tap the Program Search option to search for a program.
3.  Or click or tap the Today's Events option see a list of events happening for that day.

Program Search Option:
1.  Click or tap the Program Search option to search for a program.
2.  Type a keyword in the text box or use the drop down arrow for additional search options.
3.  Limit your program search by Location or Program Type. (Additional options can be found using the drop down arrow or the scroll bar.)
4.  Click or tap Go when ready.
5.  A list of classes will appear. 

6.  To register click or tap on the Register option.
7.  If not already, log in using your Library Card Number and PIN.  (Don't know your library PIN?  Contact any SCDL location to speak to a librarian.)

8.  When ready click or tap the Go option to finish your registration.
NOTE:  You will not see an option to register if registration is not required for a program.
NOTE:  If you have an email address registered with SCDL you will receive confirmation and reminder emails.

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