Thursday, April 25, 2013

Registering for an SCDL Class or Program using Encore

Registering for an SCDL Class or Program using SCDL catalog Encore

Want to register for an SCDL class or program?  Use the following instructions to register.  A library card is required for classes or programs that require registration.  Need an SCDL card?  Contact any SCDL location for assistance.

1.  Locate the Stark County District Library website. (
2.  Enter your library card number and password to log in.  Click or tap Go.

3.  Click or tap on the New Search option at the top of the page.

4.  Type your search term in the Text Box.  Click or tap the Submit button.

5.  Locate the class/program you want to attend.  Click or tap on the Register option.

6.  Select the Number of persons attending and then enter a name for each individual attending. Click or tap Go.
*Limit of two attendees per library card.
7.  You will receive an email from the library confirming your registration as well as class or program registration reminders prior to the event. 
* You will need to have an email address on record with the library to receive emails.

If you need assistance registering for a class or program please contact any SCDL location.

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  1. Very helpful to the staff! Thanks.