Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Microsoft Tip of the Week: Using the Clipboard

Using the Clipboard
To open the Office Clipboard you must be on the Home Ribbon.

You will note that items are grouped together based on relationship. At the bottom of each grouping are small arrows referred to as Launches.

If you click on the arrow at the bottom of the first group or Clipboard your Office Clipboard will open.

To close the Office Clipboard click on the X located at the top right hand corner of the Clipboard.

Give It a Try:
Open the Word program.
Open the Clipboard.
Type on the document: Snow is a good thing not an inconvenience.
Highlight the text then click on the copy button or use Ctrl + C
You will note the sentence appeared on the Clipboard.

To copy the sentence onto the document, click on it.
When you keep the Clipboard open, you may store up to 24 items to use on the document.

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